Jollof Arancini

Disclaimer: This is NOT about which country has the best jollof rice. As a Zimbabwean, jollof rice was relatively unknown to me until my arrival at college in the United States. Feeling homesick, I joined and became an active participant in the Society for African Internationals at Penn (SAIP). SAIP provided a safe space for…

Welcome to the Rest of Your Life: 3 Lessons from My First Year in the Real World

‘welcome to the rest of your life’, and what a welcome it was. losing my first job and an injury that left me unable to walk for 2 months were the overtones in the symphony of the debilitating global economic/political/climatic outlook.
I started writing this piece about life’s setbacks around the 1 year anniversary of my time in the real world (last August) but have invariably delayed because the setbacks did not stop coming. Keri Hilson said it first (and said it best),
#justgetbackupwhenitknocksyoudown, this post is a reminder (to myself more than anyone else) that transitions are tough, tough times never last and to remain confident in your ability to come out on top.

Warm Spiced Lamb Hash with Sweet Potatoes

Breakfast woes be gone. Breakfast is one of the meals I’ve been struggling with lately. A cup of coffee is just enough to turbocharge me to lunch without collapsing, but that charge has a very strict time limit. If I can’t get to lunch by 12:15pm, it’s the people around me that will suffer the…

Spring Onion Pancake Jerk Mushroom Wraps

People often ask me what my favourite post is: it’s officially this one. Spicy jerk mushrooms get wrapped in a soft green onion pancakes with crunchy carrots and cucumbers.

London Fog Affogato

Turning one of my favourite drinks into a delectable dessert! Creamy earl-grey lavender ice-cream gets drowned in piping hot coffee in my take on this scrumptious Italian dessert. In truth, a London Fog latte doesn’t contain coffee at all – it typically is comprised of earl grey tea, steamed milk, vanilla syrup and a hint…

Chilli Lime Salmon Tacos with Roasted Mango Habanero Salsa

T-11 days to Cinco de Mayo! Unbeknownst to a seemingly large population of Americans that celebrate the holiday, the 5th of May commemorates victory of a small Mexican town in a battle against the French in which they were both outnumbered and inferiorly armed. I dive a little into the history of how Ethiopia pulled off a similar defeat of the Italian army in their bid to expand their empire.
As an African, I’m choosing to celebrate unlikely victors in battles against European colonisers. Grab a margarita with me and cheers to unlikely victors with this recipe!

Put Your Phone Down: You’re Not Having Fun

This message was brought to you by: the serotonin transmitters in your brain. Roughly a year ago, mine were working overtime in response to the prospects of a changing world. Ah yes, #hotvaxsummer. For just 2 doses of your local Moderna, Pfizer or AstraZeneca (Johnson & Johnson available at the special price of 1 dose)…

Cioppino, Hearty Italian Fish Stew

Zuppa di pesce California! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about mealtimes. The gathering of friends, new and old, trading stories and catching up across the table. Bringing together family members, some that you may not have seen in ages, over a homecooked meal that arises memories from childhood. The networking of colleagues who chatter…