Spring Onion Pancake Jerk Mushroom Wraps

People often ask me what my favourite post is: it’s officially this one. Spicy jerk mushrooms get wrapped in a soft green onion pancakes with crunchy carrots and cucumbers.

Chilli Lime Salmon Tacos with Roasted Mango Habanero Salsa

T-11 days to Cinco de Mayo! Unbeknownst to a seemingly large population of Americans that celebrate the holiday, the 5th of May commemorates victory of a small Mexican town in a battle against the French in which they were both outnumbered and inferiorly armed. I dive a little into the history of how Ethiopia pulled off a similar defeat of the Italian army in their bid to expand their empire.
As an African, I’m choosing to celebrate unlikely victors in battles against European colonisers. Grab a margarita with me and cheers to unlikely victors with this recipe!

Cioppino, Hearty Italian Fish Stew

Zuppa di pesce California! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about mealtimes. The gathering of friends, new and old, trading stories and catching up across the table. Bringing together family members, some that you may not have seen in ages, over a homecooked meal that arises memories from childhood. The networking of colleagues who chatter…

Lawless Blueberry Thyme Sangria Smash

Ain’t no laws when there’s claws, right?
Well there are laws when you’ve spent the last 3 months drinking from the safety of your parent’s house. I’m dedicating this one to my college kids who are stuck at home and miss the humid, sticky environment of the frat basement, the intoxicating buzzing adrenaline of the tailgate and the comforting embrace of the friend who walks you home.
Here’s to you.

20 Minute Date Night Tagliatelle and Pan-Fried Salmon

There is nothing sexier than a salmon steak sitting on a bed of pasta and that is that. Throw in a glass of Pinot Grigio and I am all yours honey. We could do without the family members crowding up my ~creative working space~ which also functions as a kitchen and living room area but…

Peace Offering Mini Berry Galettes

Hi, it’s me again. It’s been a while, (2 years if we’re really counting), and when I left you, I was just about to head to Cape Town, South Africa to embark on a summer program that well and truly changed my life. Since then, I’ve hardly been idle, I’ve been horse-riding in the south…

Competition is an Illusion: My First Year at an Ivy League School

The moral of the story is: Run your own race. After an incredible last year of high school that surpassed even my own expectations, I was feeling pretty good. With impressive A Level results, the Melbury Cup tennis trophy and an award from the Government of Zimbabwe, I was on top of the world. It…

Herby Halloumi Heirloom Tomato Bake

That alliteration in the recipe title actually gave me goosebumps. My mum’s been at it again folks, we have ripe tomatoes in our garden! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, firstly hop to it my username is @lifeisohsodandy! Secondly, you wouldn’t know about our chickens. Yes, we have chickens. You may have seen the…