About Me

Alors, ça c’est une petite redaction sur moi, l’auteur de cette site.

Bonjour! My name is Andrea Makamba, and if you haven’t gathered by now, I speak both English and French. Fact #1

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe (Southern Africa, the country that is shaped like a teapot). I love it here. The open veld spaces, favourable weather, friendly people, what isn’t there to love about this country? This little Zimbo birdie now finds herself across the world in San Francisco, California working as a data scientist.

When I’m not cooking, reading books or binge watching CSI, I pass my time in the great outdoors. I play sport all year round, dividing my time between cross country, athletics, tennis, and hiking. Fact #2.

This photo was taken at Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in France

I am a self taught cook, and a lot of my influence comes from my aunt, who infected me with the cooking vibe at a young age, and is probably the reason why I still spend so much time in the kitchen today. What a lot of people don’t like about my cooking is the fact that I add spices. A lot of them. My dad likes to think that I empty out the entire spice cabinet into every dish and I’d like to think that maybe that’s only true most of the time. One of the things that redeems me is my decadent desserts. I am notorious for baking rich, sweet desserts that leave your mouth with the most wonderful taste, but your favourite jeans looking for a new owner.

Craving this fudge brownie cheesecake? Click the image to make your wildest dreams come true!

So why are you here? Why should you be reading my blog about cooking when you could just as easily go to Gordon Ramsey or Nigella Lawson – or you know, somebody who actually does this for a living and knows what they’re doing. Well reader, I like to think that I’m like you, an amateur. Somebody who has work, responsibilities and other interests that mean that you cannot always dedicate hours of your day to cooking. I’d like to think that we are the same in that we cannot always head to the grocery store to pick up some obscure spice we’ll never use again or buy a whole head of jackfruit to try a recipe that we don’t end up liking anyways. You’re here because I write for the people like us who are tired of cooking spinach in the same way every week, but you want to know how you can transform the ingredients in your everyday life into a new invention that makes you feel like you’re trying food for the first time again. You’re here because like me, you feel frustrated by the fads and trends and you just want easy, simple cooking that won’t break the bank. You’re here because you’re willing to try something new and I am so excited that I can share my passion for cooking with you.

This is a little summary about me, but I’d to love to hear from you! Leave me a comment, or connect with me on my FacebookPinterest, YouTube or Instagram. You can also shoot me an email at thefscientist(at)gmail(dot)com. Get in touch with me here.

Look forward to hearing from you!
“Sometimes I’m cooking, the rest of the time I’m eating”