Amsterdam, hiatus and the future


Allo everyone, I do realise that it’s been a full month since I posted, and I apologise for that. But whoa, what a month it’s been. Let me just tell you what I’ve been up to in the past month.

I’ve been all the way to Amsterdam and back: 

 I’ve been attending Toastmasters:

 And I’ve also been doing a lot of this: 

I have been cooking and eating, just failing to share with you, because, well, I got lazy. Basically that is what happened. We all get tired sometimes. And I honestly feel like I don’t do my best work when I’m exhausted and doing something because I feel like I have to. And that’s what’s been happening here, I have 293783 things to share with you, but I feel as though only like 2 of them are good enough to show you. Sue me for being a perfectionist.

I can say to you that I am back online and I will be posting a lot of these goodies that I’ve been hiding from you.

So, don’t run away, stay posted and you can keep up to date by following me on Instagram, Pinterest, or by following my blog on WordPress, so you’ll get an email update every time I post. Feel free to message me with any of your suggestions, ideas or thoughts! I love to hear from you guys, and it’s especially uplifting whenever I get comments, because I feel like someone is actually reading this, and also that I am benefiting you in some way or the other. LEAVE ME ALLLLLLLL THE COMMENTS

x Andy