Chocolate Lover’s Fudge Brownie Cheesecake

Calling all chocolate addicts! This cake is the pinnacle of indulgence, a fudgy brownie layer topped with silky vanilla cheesecake, smothered in hot fudge sauce, topped with extra brownie and drizzled with even more melted chocolate! Break out the fat pants for this one because it is sure to throw you off your resolutions!

Coconut Mango Sorbet

The only thing missing here is sitting poolside at a 5 star hotel in Bora Bora. GOALS. It’s the middle of summer here in Zimbabwe, and saying that it’s hot outside has become an understatement. The climate here is predominantly savannah, so the long summer days are plagued by dry heat and occasionally violent thunderstorms….

Cinnamon Vanilla Bread Pudding with Crème Anglais

Bread and pudding don’t even sound like they should be in the same sentence. This has to be one of my favourite flavour combinations. Coupled with balsamic + honey and blue cheese + sweet chilli. Another thing that this dish combines is the ability to be both a dessert and a breakfast item. That is…

Strawberry Cheesecake No Churn Ice cream

Summer is coming. Yes, I know, it’s been a while. A bit too long if you ask me, but I swear it’s a funny story. So my camera ran out of battery. And I couldn’t find the cable. Okay, maybe not so funny, but there’s no need for you to be so cold (haha). Did…