I have an obsession

Post Number Three.

If you’re reading this right now then thank you for giving me a chance! Having this special bond that we have, the bond that is only known between a blogger and their readers, I feel that I am ready to take this relationship to the next level. We are moving onto Tier 2. And this is where I tell you about my obsession.


Yes, oatmeal.

You probably know it as the mushy gruel that your mother forced down your mouth until you were eight years old. Well, I’m here to change that preconceived idea.

For now, wipe your memory clean of any negative oatmeal-related thoughts, let’s start off on a clean slate. Oatmeal can be delicious. YES, say it with me now, oatmeal can be delicious. Think of the gross unsavoury oatmeal you had as a child as the nerdy pimply twelve year old girl. Now think of this dressed up oatmeal as the same girl ten years later. METAMORPHOSIS! Her braces are gone, her skin has cleared up and she’s finally decided exactly what she wants to do with her hair. She is confident. She is beautiful. She is the oatmeal I am about to introduce you to.


 She is Oatmeal 2.0.

At this stage, if you are still unconvinced, let me talk you into it. She’s smooth, silky smooth, her grains roll right off your tongue. She can go from 0 to 60° in just 5 minutes. She can be hot as hell or cool as ice depending on your preferences. She can do whatever you want her to do. Baked? She can do that. Put into a pancake? She got that down. Crunchy and savoury? She was ready for that the day she was born. Face it, Oatmeal 2.0 is the perfect woman- errrrr, food. She is unstoppable.

More on the superhero abilities of Oatmeal 2.0 will come later, but I just thought I would introduce you to my (and soon to be yours too) obsession.


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