Red Velvet Ricotta Buttermilk Pancakes


So I’m only slightly obsessed with red velvet, just slightly.

In the 3 winks since I purchased my first bottle of red food colouring, I’ve only made this recipe like 5 times, a batch of red velvet cookies and a cake.

Totally not obsessed.

So I’ve been working in my test kitchen to find out what makes the perfect batch of pancakes, and my friends, I can conclude that it consists of ricotta + buttermilk. Why? You get thick and ultra-fluffy yet light and airy pancakes. And I don’t know about you, but that sounds like heaven. For the full list of reasons, check out my next blog post.

What really made these for me was the cream cheese frosting. Gaaaaaah I could go on all day about it, cream cheese frosting is my kryptonite, I believe that there was no other frosting created equally.

But for now, enjoy the beauty that are these cakes made in a pan.

Red Velvet Ricotta Buttermilk Pancakes                                       yields 8-10 pancakes



1 cup flour

2 tbsp cocoa powder

2 tsp baking powder

2 tbsp granulated sugar

¼ tsp salt

1 cup ricotta cheese*

2 eggs, separated

¾ cup buttermilk

2 tbsp melted butter + extra for greasing the pan

½ tsp vanilla essence

2 tsp gel red food colouring

Cream cheese frosting:

4 tbsp plain cream cheese

4 tbsp butter, softened

½ tsp vanilla essence

Roughly 2 tbsp milk

1 ½ cups icing sugar


Make pancakes:

  1. In a medium sized mixing bowl, stir together the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, sugar and salt.
  2. In a smaller mixing bowl, whisk together the ricotta cheese, egg yolks, buttermilk, melted butter, vanilla essence and red food colouring until combined.
  3. Add the very wet, very red ingredients to the dry ingredients in the larger bowl and stir until just combined. In a cup, beat the egg whites using a handheld mixer until stiff. Carefully fold the beaten egg whites into the pancake mixture until just incorporated. STOP. DO NOT OVERMIX. It’s okay if there are a few lumps of cocoa powder lurking around; do not feel the need to squish them! 
  4. Let the batter rest at least 15 minutes. Whilst your batter is resting, heat a non stick skillet over low heat until a drop of water evaporates instantly upon contact. This is how you know the pan is hot enough. Whilst you’re waiting, this would also be a good time to preheat your oven to about 100°C/200°F and stick your plates in. You will thank me later.
  5. When the batter is rested and the pan is good to go, melt about 1 tsp of butter and drop about ¼ cup of batter into the pan, cooking until several bubbles appear on the surface of the batter. Flip, cooking for another minute before removing from heat and placing the pancake on one of those gloriously warm plates from the oven. Repeat until you’ve exhausted all your pancake butter, keeping the cooked pancakes in the warm oven.


Make cream cheese frosting:

In a medium bowl, beat the cream cheese, butter, vanilla essence and milk together until smooth. Add in the icing sugar, ½ cup at a time, beating the mixture until smooth. Serve on top of pancakes. Be careful not to pour the frosting on top of the pancakes whilst they’re still hot out the oven because the butter in the frosting will seize and you’ll end up with a gloopy mess on your hands. Serve and enjoy!

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